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Shrink Wrap your boat this year with shrink wrap film, tape, vents, strapping, and heat tools from Jamestown Distributors.

Boat Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping is an economical and reliable method for storing and protecting boats, recreational...

Boat Stands and Blocks

Boat Stands and Blocks

Boat stands, also referred to as jack stands, are essential for storage and winterizing any boat. ...

casters, castors, wheels, stem, locking casters


Casters are 360 degree swivelling wheels often found on tool chests, shopping carts, rolling...

shelter logic cover-it shelters, garages, buildings

Outdoor Shelters

ShelterKing shelters make great tents or garages for boats in the off-season. The quality of these...

blue poly tarps, bungee straps, taylor made covers

Tarps and Boat Covers

Blue tarps, canvas boat covers and boat stands are a practical solution to winter storage of any...

Festool Systainer Tool Boxes, festool workplace organization, festool sortainer toolboxes

Tool Boxes

The Festool Systainer storage system for Festool power tools allows you to stack these tool boxes -...

workbenches, portable work bench, lumber storage racks

Workbenches and Shelving

Workplace organization and safety items including workbenches, shelving, and lumber storage racks....

Shop Storage and Workplace Organization

Keep your shop, garage, basement, or other work area clean and organized. An orderly work environment fosters productivity, and can also eliminate potential safety hazards. Casters are the wheels often found on cabinets, rolling chairs etc. Casters are usually made of rubber with a bearing and hole in the middle. They make reorganizing and moving items much easier. Wood racks or lumber racks let woodworkers and boatbuilders stack wood neatly out of the way. This helps to prevent wood warpage and possible other damage associated with poorly stacked lumber. Portable shelters from Shelter King let you set up shop virtually anywhere, or make a great off-season temporary building or structure to store your boat or other vehicle. Heat that temporary workspace (or your regular garage) with an efficient and safe propane heater. Toolboxes and tool trays keep your bits, attachments, hand tools, and power tools sorted and organized for easy access and use.
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