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Skiffs, Dinghies, Rowboats, Kayaks

Versatile Rowboats and Sailing Dinghies

Small boats offer more versatility than perhaps any ship at sea. Outfit these skiffs and prams with a mast, dagger board and rudder, and they are ready for sailing calm waters. Remove the sailing gear in lieu of oars or a small outboard motor and these skiffs become rowboats or small powerboats, ready for fishing adventures and island excursions. Some ingenuous designs like Walker Bay boats adapt to any mood of weather, breeze or calm. Accessories such as add-on pontoons and sailing kits maximize the potential uses in one multi-function boat. When used as a tender to a mothership, a six to ten foot dinghy becomes a lifeline to shore. Cruising boats prefer the smaller tender because it is easily towed behind or hoisted aboard. A small boat also makes a great pocket adventurer, easily racked atop a car to launch your next adventure around the corner.

Floating High on Inflatables

For superior buoyancy and stability, inflatable boats are unbeatable. The buoyancy makes for easy boarding from the water or to a moored boat. Deflate and they stow handily onboard. Inflatables come in a wide assortment of styles. A hybrid design of a rigid hull with inflatable pontoons offers the speed through water of a rigid hull with the high secondary stability of an inflatable. Also called RIB, these rigid hull inflatables are also available through a retro-fit tube kit to hard shelled rowboats. Inflatable kayak versions deflate into a pack you can easily shoulder for a one man portage.

Kayak = Eco-friendly, No Fuss Fun

There's good reason why the kayak design has persisted long after the Inuits first set to sea in a skin baidarka. It is perhaps the most efficient means of travel for man at sea (aside from sailing that is). Modern plastic kayaks require minimal maintenance. They can be shouldered by one person and put atop the car. The low center of balance paddling a kayak lets you glide stably through the liquid world experiencing sea life like never before, without engines and gadgetry to distract you. The beautiful simplicity of a kayak means you spend more time experiencing life around you and less time readying the boat.

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