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Woodworking Clamps

Choose from a variety of styles of clamps appropriate for wooden boatbuilding, woodworking, and general clamping use. Clamps have untold uses, especially since just about any project that is glued requires clamping. C clamps are the ubiquitous general purpose clamping tool, but some applications call for a different kind of clamp.

F Bar Clamps from Jorgensen are cost effective bar clamps, with cast headds, coated steel bars, wooden handles and robust swivel pads. F bar clamps are available in superlight, light duty, and heavy duty models.

C Clamps from Jorgensen are malleable and ductile iron framed clamps for common clamping jobs. These are very versatile, as C clamps can also act a vise to hold an item in place. Swivel heads make clamping irregular surfaces easier.

Pipe Clamps are used to span wide areas. A metal pipe, usually heavy duty black pipe, with screw clamps and an adjustable stop. Simple to clamp large assemblies in place during curing or drying. Offered in half inch and three quarter inch pipe diameters. They work better with black pipe than with galvanized.

Spring Clamps are spring loaded to make it easy to remove or reposition the clamp. Vinyl tips to prevent damaging the surface. Vinyl grips make clamping more comfortable. Jaws shaped to hold both flat and circular objects.

Jorgensen-made Corner Clamps are also known as miter clamps, and are designed to hold two pieces together at a 90 degree angle while the pieces are being joined (nailed, glued, etc). Corner clamps have holes for bench mounting. Made of aluminum. Great for creating frames.

The Quick Release Bar Clamp is a 2-in-1 tool allows you to apply clamping or spreading force by simply repositioning the jaws of the clamp. Squeezing the lever lets you tighten (or spread) with one hand. Button release lets jaw slide on bar. Available in several hardened steel bar lengths.

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