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  • Fiberglass Mat

    Fiberglass Mat

    Fiberglass Mat also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM Fiberglass Mat is a non-woven material...

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    Price: $2.67 to $408.94
  • Fiberglass Mat Tape

    Fiberglass Mat Tape

    Fiberglass mat tape is 1.5 oz. light-weight, chopped strand mat that is used often for...

    In Stock 

    Price: $39.83 to $168.25
  • Prisma Composite Preforms Trevira Mat

    Prisma Composite Preforms Trevira Mat

    Trevira or T-mat is a continuous filament polyester fabric used in similar applications as chopped...

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    Price: $25.22 to $30.70
Items: 1 - 3 of 3 | Pages: 1 

Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass mat, or matting, is made of short strands of glass fibers. Non-woven. As it quickly builds stiffness and thickness, it is frequently used for laminate build-up and repair. Fiberglass mat material makes an ideal supplemental composite to either cloth, woven roving or where strength is not an issue. Mat is a much weaker and is not recommended to stand alone in a structural repair or project. Available in a variety of sizes/widths. Fiberglass matting can also be used for metal repair and for reinforcing of fiberglass components.
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