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  • Mill Bastard Files, Nicholson mill bastard files

    Mill Bastard Files

    Mill Bastard is single cut on sides and edges. File teeth grooved in one diagonal direction....

    In Stock 

    Price: $8.23 to $18.58
  • Nicholson 49 second cut, 50 smooth cut cabinet rasps

    Nicholson Cabinet Rasps

    Nicholson cabinet rasps, the 49 and 50, are often used in tandem by woodworkers for pattern and...

    In Stock 

    Price: $41.99 to $45.99
  • Japanese Shinto Sander Rasp

    Japanese Shinto Sander Rasp

    The Japanese Shinto sander rasp shaping tool works like a rasp but leaves a finish as fine as a...

    Price: $28.88 to $42.78
  • Nicholson Flat Bastard Files

    Flat Bastard Files

    Flat bastard files by Nicholson are double cut on the sides for filing in both directions, and are...

    In Stock 

    Price: $11.25 to $17.33
  • Metal Ferruled File Handles

    Nicholson Metal Ferruled File Handles

    Metal Ferruled File Handles have a shellac finish on white birch, along with nickel plated...

    In Stock 

    Price: $3.43 to $3.71
  • Stanley Surform Flat File

    Stanley Surform File Type

    Stanley Surform Flat File has a regular cut flat blade with an edge cut for filing out inside corner...

    In Stock 

    Price: $16.40
  • Stanley 7-1/4 Surform Shaver 21-115

    Stanley 7-1/4" Surform Shaver

    The Stanley Surform 7 1/4in shaver features a compact and effective lightweight polyproylene molded...

    In Stock 

    Price: $6.90
  • Nicholson Tool Sharpening File

    Tool Sharpening File

    The 10in Nicholson sharpening file is the ideal utility tool for any workshop or home owner....

    In Stock 

    Price: $14.85
  • nicholson half round bastard files

    Nicholson Half Round Bastard File

    Nicholson Half Round Bastard files are used to rough cut wood and soft metals with its sharp rasp te...

    In Stock 

    Price: $22.22 to $139.20
  • Stanley Surform Blade 10 inch

    Stanley Surform Standard Blade 10 inch

    Stanley Surform Blade 10 inch is a replacement file blade with an alloy body for quick planing and s...

    Price: $7.60
  • Stanley Surform Half Round Blade 10 Inch, Stanley 21-299

    Stanley Surform Half Round Blade 10 Inch

    Stanley Surform file blade 21-299 is a half round convex blade for faster stock removal and shaping...

    In Stock 

    Price: $6.42
  • 10 Round Bastard Cut File, round single cut file

    10" Round Bastard Cut File

    The 10in Nicholson Round Bastard file is an American pattern single cut file, which means the file...

    In Stock 

    Price: $13.32
  • Stanley Surform Round File 14-1/4 inch

    Stanley Surform Round File 14-1/4 inch

    Stanley Surform Round File 14-1/4 inch enlarges holes fast, forms and shapes decorative cuts....

    Price: $16.67
  • Nicholson Mini Hobby 6 File Set

    Mini Hobby 6 File Set

    Included in the set of 6 miniature files are an Equaling, Half Round, Flat, Round, Square and Three...

    In Stock 

    Price: $57.61
  • Half Round Wood Rasp, Bastard Cut Nicholson wood rasp

    Half Round Wood Rasp - Bastard Cut

    Half Round Wood Rasp produces a rough cut on wood and soft metals. It has sharp rasp teeth in rows...

    In Stock 

    Price: $21.41
Items: 1 - 15 of 18 | Pages: 1  2  Next 

Files and Rasps

Our selection of steel files and rasps includes a full line of tools for use on wood and metal. Although some people will say that files are for metal and rasps for use on wood, there is some overlap. Some people confuse rasps with files and vice versa. While both have metal teeth, the teeth on files are laid out in rows across the face of the file at an angle. Whereas rasps have teeth straight across the face. File types are differentiated by the distance between rows of teeth. The closer the rows, the finer the file's cut is. Coarse files are often called Bastard files and fine files are called smooth files. The same applies to rasps, in the sense that the as the rows get closer and the teeth get smaller, so does the cut of the rasp. Patternmaker's cabinet rasps feature random teeth placement and leave smoother surfaces. These are the premier woodworking rasps. The coarser files available work well with wood. These are wood files and cabinet files. Wood files are more coarse than cabinet files, which are used for fine smoothing. Both of them are half round tapered files. Files either have teeth laid out in one (mill files) or two directions (flat files, sometimes called double cut files).

Woodcraft rasps are very useful half-file, half-rasp tools. The Half-round rasp side quickly removes stock while file side is great for smooth and less coarse removal. Use on wood, soft metal, and other materials. Nicholson mini hobby file set consists of 6 mini sized files including three square, round, flat, half round, and equaling. Great for small areas or where larger files will not fit.

Diamond files are hardened steel with grit consisting of special ground diamond particles. These are industrial strength files. Use for filing large areas, metals, plastics, and composite materials like fiberglass, epoxy etc. Smaller diamond files are used on glass, ceramics and metals. Japanese Shinto rasp sanders cut like a rasp, but leave behind a smooth finish like the material has been sanded. Adjustable, with fine teeth on teeth and coarse teeth on the other. Needle files are used to reach into tight areas for larger files will not fit. Used often for delicate work, sold in sets.

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