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Marking Tools

Chalk line reels are used to quickly mark a straight line as a building guide. To use a chalk line reelm you need to find the endpoints of your line and drive a nail at each point. Stretch the chalk-coated string tightly between the nails, pull straight up from the middle and let the string snap. Stanley chalk reels have twice the strength of traditional marking chalk reels.

An awl, also called a scratch awl, is a classic woodworking layout tool. Awls are used to scribe a line to be followed by a hand saw, chisel, or other cutting tool. Awls are relied upon for creating woodworking joints and other operations. The scratch awl is basically a steel spike with its tip sharpened to a fine point. The tip of the spike is drawn across the timber, leaving a shallow groove. It may also be used to mark a point by pressing the tip into the timber. Scratch awls are used for dimensioning and laying out with the grain. It may also be used across the grain, but a marking knife is a better tool for this task.

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