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  • Paint Strainers

    Paint Strainers

    Medium and fine grade paint straining funnels are used to purify the paint or varnish when pouring...

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    Price: $2.99 to $27.29
  • Tack Cloth

    Tack Cloth

    Tack Cloths are used to remove dust, lint, and other particles from sensitive surfaces. Will not...

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    Price: $9.48 to $34.45
  • TotalBoat Wiping Rags

    TotalBoat Wiping Rags

    TotalBoat cotton wiping rags will not scratch surfaces and are tough enough for use on metal. Great...

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    Price: $6.49 to $145.99
  • Awlgrip Premium Tack Rags

    Awlgrip Premium Tack Rags

    AwlGrip tack rags are used just before painting to remove the lightest dust or dirt from what would...

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    Price: $8.63
  • 3M Wood Refinisher

    3M Wood Refinisher's Tack Cloth

    This Tack Cloth is used to remove dust, dirt, lint and other particles that settle on wood surfaces....

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    Price: $1.65
  • MDI Wipers Atlas Lint Free Wipe Rags

    MDI Wipers Atlas Lint Free Wipe Rags

    Atlas Lint Free Wipes by MDI Wipers are top of the line, lacquer-resistant, professional-quality,...

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    Price: $26.99
  • 3M Tack Cloth

    3M Tack Cloth

    3M tack cloth removes dust, dirt and lint from surfaces before finishing. 3M all purpose tack...

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    Price: $28.29
  • TotalBoat Microfiber Cleaning Towels

    TotalBoat Microfiber Cleaning Towels

    Our large Microfiber Cleaning Towels are ultra-soft and lint-free, perfect for polishing, cleaning,...

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    Price: $16.49
  • Cheese Cloth

    Cheese Cloth

    Cheese Cloth (also spelled cheesecloth) is great for buffing, compounding, and polishing, plus...

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    Price: $41.58
Items: 1 - 9 of 9 | Pages: 1 

Paint Strainers, Cloths and Rags

Paint strainers, tack cloth and wiping rags are essential for layering and prepping your paint and varnish projects. Paint strainers help remove contaminants and impurities from your paint or varnish system. Disposable paint strainers, usually made of nylon or polyester, provide an inexpensive way to make sure things like dirt, metal flakes, etc don't make their way from the paint container to the surface you are painting.

Tack Cloths are one of more popular products, primarily because of their usage in each of the 7 or 8 coats of varnish applied when doing the brightwork on your boat or kayak. Rags are great for removing dust and dirt that may settle between coats overnight. Use natural and synthetic fiber cloths and rags to wipe down, fiberglass, metal, plastic and other surfaces in order to ensure a clean surface during cleaning or paint or finish work.

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