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Pliers and Wrenches

Types of Pliers

We have a large selection of self adjusting, needle nose, locking, slip joint, long nose, groove joint, linesman, diagonal cutting pliers and wire strippers from Stanley tools. Pliers are hand tools primarily for gripping that use leverage and numerous different jaw configurations to grip, turn, pull, or crimp a variety of things. They are a tool common to many dexterous trades and occupations. Stanley Maxgrip self-adjusting pliers feature ergonomic design for increased comfort, and allow for superior one hand adjustment. Available in several size (6" ,8" etc). Dual material handle allows you to get a better grip on the object. MaxGrip pliers feature a handle hole for tethering or hanging.

Stanley Maxgrip needle nose pliers are 7"(178mm) long. Features Parallel jaw movement for improved holding force. Larger jaw capacity. Solid steel jaws for durability and strength. Bi-material handles ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. Needlenose pliers are generally small with long thin jaws for doing fine work like jewelry making, electrical work, or working in tight areas.

The Stanley Locking long nose pliers have jaws that lock in position with applied pressure, long tempered jaws for more effective working in tight places.

Slip joint pliers have joint adjustable to two positions in order to increase or reduce the jaw opening. We carry Stanley six and eight inch slip joint versions.

Long nose pliers feature long tempered jaws for working in hard to reach areas. Similar to needle nose but larger jaws that are not thin like needle nose. We carry these by Stanley in 5",6", and 8" versions.

Groove joint pliers are sometimes called 'tongue and groove' or 'channellock' pliers. They adjust to many sizes. The jaw sits at a nearly 90 degree angle and long handles give greater leverage. Stanley groove joint models are available in several sizes, such as 8", 10", and 12".

Linesman pliers work well for twisting and pulling wire or cables. Stanley offers them in 7" and other sizes.

Diagonal Cutting pliers are often used to cut and strip wire. A much beefier and heavy duty version of wire strippers and therefore suitable for much more heavy duty applications, we offer Stanley diagonal cutting pliers in several sizes.

Hog Ring pliers in traditional straight design are used to tighten a small metal ring around an object, and hog ring pliers are frequently used in upholstery, wiring, and general connecting and gathering. Pliers' Snout has grooves at the correct depth for holding rings in place to make crimping easier.

Vise Grip locking pliers don't slip. They are so ubiquitous that people tend to refer to all locking pliers as 'vise grips', but beware of pale imitations as there is a big difference in quality! We offer curved jaw, straight jaw, and long nose vise grips. Long nose vise grips have a wire cutter and can reach into places your fingers can't, and get a much better grip. Curved jaw models are thin nosed with wire cutter, while regular Straight jaw vise-grips have a regular nose with no wire cutter.


Wrenches often have fixed or adjustable jaws, used for gripping, turning, or twisting objects such as nuts, bolts, or pipes. Stanley standard adjustable and MaxGrip adjustable wrenches in 6"-12" sizes. MaxGrip wrenches feature a non-slip phosphate coating. The Stanley MaxGrip locking adjustable wrench is a combination traditional adjustable and locking plier, which allows the jaw to grip the fastener and not slip off. Did you know Crescent wrenches are a brand? Crescent adjustable wrenches are drop forged alloy heat treated steel , and feature tension springs to prevent the jaw opening from changing wrench adjustment. Both brands offer wrenches in popular 6-10" sizes.
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