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  • Jabsco Commercial Duty DC Water Puppy Pumps

    Jabsco Commercial Duty DC Water Puppy Pumps

    Jabsco Commercial Duty Water Puppy pumps are used for bilge pumping, livewell circulation, washdown...

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    Price: $306.55 to $326.40
  • Attwood Self Priming Washdown Pump

    Attwood Self Priming Washdown Pump

    Attwood's self priming washdown pump generates steady water pressure for cleaning boats, general...

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    Price: $108.03
  • Beckson Siphon-Mate Pump

    Beckson Siphon-Mate Pump

    Use Beckson's Siphon-Mate pump to siphon oil, diesel fuel, and water. No more dangerous...

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    Price: $37.59
  • Flojet Heavy Duty Washdown Pump

    Flojet Heavy Duty Washdown Pump

    Flojet Quad II Diaphragm 4325 Series automatic washdown pump for deck and anchor wash down. Ideal...

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    Price: $26.95
Items: 129 - 132 of 132 | Pages: Previous  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 

Bilge Pumps - Rule Pumps

Rule-Mate automated bilge pumps feature a pump and a non-contact, mercury free float switch in a single, compact housing. When the float rises, the pump begins to turn on. It will delay its activation for two seconds, thus eliminating any false starts. There is no on/off cycling and therefore no power use until the pump comes on. When the float drops and the pump senses no load against the impeller, the shut-off phase begins. At that point the pump will remain on for an additional 15 seconds allowing the pump to take the water level remaining from 3/4 in. to about 3/8 in., drastically minimizing odors and excess water. A great benefit to boaters everywhere!

Automatic Bilge Pumps

These feature computerized operation on the principle of impeller resistance. Float switches are not required. The pump will turn on every 2-1/2 minutes for about one second to sense for water. If water is present, the pump will sense resistance and continue to run until all water is removed. When the water's gone, it will resume checking for water every 2-1/2 minutes. Power use in the checking mode is minimal.

Also available are a number of Automatic, automated and manual bilge pumps, and bilge pump accessories, including float switches, panel switches, pump hoses and hose clips. Made from such marine plumbing specialists as Rule, ITT Jabsco, Lovett and Attwood. In addition to bilge pumps, there are also a number of other plumbing pumps including Blowers and Shower / Drain Pumps. One of our more popular hand pumps is the Thirstymate, made by Beckson.

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