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Jamestown Distributors carries a complete line of boat trailer rollers from Seachoice, Shipshape, and Tie Down Marine. Boat trailer Rollers are designed to help guide a boat on and off of a trailer during loading and launching. Rollers make it easier to launch and load or pull and push the boat on and off of the trailer. There are a few main types of rollers: keel rollers, spool rollers, bow rollers, and rib rollers.

Keel Rollers are designed to support the bottom and or keel of a powerboat on a boat trailer. Keel rollers are wider then most of the other rollers. They have a low pitch to adapt to the flat bottom of a boat hull. The roller allows a boater to push or pull their boat on and off the trailer easier.

Spool Rollers and Bow Rollers are very similar. They are designed to support the bow or front of a power boat. The v shape of the hull in the bow of a power boat aligns up with the center of the roller. The roller acts as a guide and aids in pushing or pulling the boat.

Rib Rollers guide the ribs of power boats onto the trailer. They make loading and unloading easier by providing less resistance then just carpet on trailer bunks. Some of the rib rollers are smooth which work great for boats that come in and out of the water frequently. While some models are ribbed for better traction on slippery or slimy boat bottoms.

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