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  • Seaward Water Heaters

    Seaward Water Heaters

    Seaward marine water heaters run on 110/120V AC shore power or convert engine heat with heat...

    In Stock 

    Price: $265.05 to $396.83
  • Atwood electric water heater for your boat. Heat exchangers available.

    Atwood Marine Water Heaters

    Atwood 6 and 10 gallon marine water heaters, available with heat exchangers for efficient water...

    In Stock 

    Price: $306.97 to $516.59

    Vetus Water Heaters

    Vetus water heaters are double walled with increased heating surfaces for faster heating. Heats...

    In Stock 

    Price: $623.99 to $2393.15
  • Torrid 10 Gallon Vertical Water Heater

    Torrid Marine Vertical Water Heaters

    Torrid Marine Water Heaters make life more comfortable at sea by providing instant, longer-lasting...

    Price: $616.00 to $1148.00
  • Raritan Water Heaters

    Raritan Water Heaters

    Raritan Water Heaters provides hot water for boat galleys and showers. Available with heat exchanger...

    In Stock 

    Price: $758.86 to $929.52
  • Raritan Water Heater Replacement Parts

    Raritan Water Heater Spare Parts

    Replacement parts for Raritan water heaters, including pressure relief valve, thermostat, and 120...

    In Stock 

    Price: $36.92 to $96.12
  • Water Heater Drain Valve

    Camco Water Heater Drain Valve

    Replacement water heater valve for Camco and similar brand water heaters. Designed for 1/2 inch...

    In Stock 

    Price: $4.77
  • heating element

    Vetus Electric Heating Element for Water Heaters

    Heating element for Vetus water heaters includes a thermostat adjustable from 104F to 176F....

    Price: $73.49 to $127.38
Items: 1 - 8 of 8 | Pages: 1 

Marine Water Heaters

Make sure your boat is capable of providing hot water for faucets, galleys, and showers. We carry slim, basic, and slim square marine water heaters for all power and sail boats. Brands include Isotherm, Raritan, Attwood, and Seaward. Most marine water heaters run off either generators, shore power, or by utilizing heat exchangers converting air from the boat's engine cooling system.
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