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  • Multi-Purpose Portable Scaffolding

    Multi-Purpose Portable Scaffolding

    The Buffalo Tools Multi-Purpose Scaffolding is a portable, secure platform for interior or exterior...

    Price: $298.93
  • Sea-Dog Gear Hammock

    Sea-Dog Gear Hammock

    The Sea-Dog Gear Hammock provides ventilated, suspended storage for food, clothing, and a slew of...

    In Stock 

    Price: $3.38 to $6.69
Items: 1 - 2 of 2 | Pages: 1 

Workbenches and Shelving

A portable work bench is a godsend for projects or repairs being done away from your home garage, workshop, woodshop etc. Folding and lightweight work benches let you take your chop saw, drill press, planer, scroll saw, bandsaw and other power tools with you and have a safe, steady, place to use them with precision and care.

Proper shelving is an underrated aspect of workplace organization. Woodworkers and boat builders face other challenges, however. Where does one store your lumber and wood supplies? We recommend using a wood rack system that lets you store your wood neatly and intelligently. Storing lumber correctly not only gives your workspace greater cleanliness, organization, and safety, but can help prevent the wood from warpage and other damage.

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