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System Three Mirror Coat

System Three Mirror Coat epoxy is a pourable, self-leveling bar and tabletop coating. It works well on many surfaces such as wood, ceramics, plaster, masonry and some plastics.

MirrorCoat cures to a glossy, smooth finish that is scratch and stain resistant. A clear 2:1 ratio epoxy system, cured Mirror Coat is unaffected by alcohol, as well as waterproof.

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Follow the detailed application instructions in the Mirror Coat brochure to achieve outstanding results on bar tops and tables. Also use as a decoupage coating on cloth, leather, photos and other objects.

    Technical Specifications
  • Mix Ratio by Volume resin/hardener: 2:1
  • Mix Ratio by Weight resin/hardener: 100:44
  • Solids Content: 100 percent
  • Coverage at 60 mils (0.060 inch): 25 square ft/Gal
  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 120 degrees F
  • Working time @ 25 degrees C: 60 Minutes
  • Cure time @ 25 degrees C: 24 Hours
  • Color: Clear
  • BRAND: System Three
    Material: Epoxy
    Number Of Parts: Two Part
    Usage: Clear Coating
    3.0 6

    great w experience


    This is shiny and hard. I had to get to know how it acted. Then all good.I used vinegar to clean my and project from unwanted epoxy. A little runny. Scraped drips from bottom when slightly set wiped bumps with vinegar.and then was more modest with side painting and controlling my application amount and location. Thickens slightly within 15 min but a long cure time which to me is OK. Very nice finish. Follows instructions learn how to use a torch to praise bubbles in thicker apps. Greased with vasoline a form can be used too!!


    south sound washington


    Too Many Problems


    Disappointing result on expensive table top.First problem- drip runs down the vertical sides resulted in numerous vertical run ridges on sides despite my spending 4+ hours continually brushing the sides as it set and later sanding. Secondly I had set an inlay piece of wood design in the table top. Despite 2 initial sealer coats, the inlay continually leaked an air bubble as the epoxy filled tiny spaces underneath it. Final coat had a crater near the inlay from the epoxy sucking into spaces. Most importantly, as it was finally curing, a pattern appeared inside the epoxy of identical looking ring-like 'cells' that looked like snake-skin scales. Product difficult to work with as ANY imperfections are VERY noticeable against high gloss. Sorry I used it.


    Calgary, Alberta, Canada


    Not very scratch resistant


    Used this product on a maple kitchen table. The finish was superb. Super smooth and glossy. waited six full days. Placed a warm, not hot plate on the table and it left a permanant mark. Very gentle use and I am seeing lots of fine scratches already. This stuff is not nearly hard enough.


    Westerly, R.I.


    Dont put anything warm on it


    warm items will leave marks on this surface


    portland oregon


    so easy a


    I do custom woodworks and outdoor combinations.Recently used mirror coat to finish and adhere a elk skull sunk in a stump for a table base.The black pigment made a shinny void the head seamed to melt into and with the clear finsh over everything,well this project went from good to great because of your product,and it couldn't be any easier to use.Can't wait to come up with more custom uses.sincerly yours Jason Henning of HenningWrkz




    counter top


    follow directions exactly.clean,dust&oil free"pitch,wood oils.Seal with prep coat.Looks,easy to apply holds up to UVs.could be more scatch reisant.

    counter top man

    Elma WA.


    System Three Mirror Coat



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