Guest Oscillating Cabin Fan
Guest Guest 900 cabin fan
  • Guest Oscillating Cabin Fan

Guest Oscillating Cabin Fan

Mound this Guest oscillating cabin fan to bulkheads or dashboards to keep fresh air flowing through boat cabins, cars, vans, and RVs. A 120 degree oscillating motion circulates air throughout, and pointing it toward windshields effectively defogs windows.

Easy to mount vertically or horizontally with #8 screws. Highly efficient compact 12 volt motor is quiet and draws only 1.2 Amps.

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BRAND: Guest
Type: Fans
4.0 1

Replacement fans for RV


I bought these as replacement for the Guest fans in the overhead cab of our RV (upside down). They run quieter than the originals but have more plastic in them than the originals. The screw to tighten the fan angle is plastic and I'm afraid that over time this will break. Other than that, my husband just reconnected wires and that was it.


Charleston SC

Guest Oscillating Cabin Fan



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