Collinite 855 Leather & Vinyl Wax
Collinite Collinite Sapphire Wax
  • Collinite 855 Leather & Vinyl Wax

Collinite Marine Leather and Vinyl Wax

Collinite 855 Sapphire Wax cleans, conditions, polishes, and preserves a variety of leather and vinyl surfaces in just one step. It contains a mild cleaning agent that safely removes contaminants without affecting the finish.

Even new leather and vinyl begins to dry out and lose factory protection in a short period of timer. Use Collinite 855 to prevent aging, cracking, drying, fading, and staining of treated leather & vinyl surfaces. After application, surface will have a like-new matte finish. Keeping treated, sealed surfaces clean is as easy wiping down with a damp cloth.

Note: Not recommended for suede or buck.

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Sapphire Directions

Application surface should be lukewarm to the touch. Shake Collinite 855 well before using. Apply a thin amount with an applicator pad to an area no bigger than 2x2 ft. Rub well to cover surface evenly and loosen any contaminants/film. Do not let product dry. Polish off with a dry microfiber cloth or soft cotton towel.

When applying indoors, make sure area is ventilated. Do not use on buck, fabric, suede, unsealed leather or exterior vinyl trim.


  • One step treatment.
  • Deep feeds leather & vinyl surfaces to bring out a radiant matte finish.
  • Protects from future wear, spills, weathering, cracking, and overall deterioration.


BRAND: Collinite
Type: Vinyl Cleaners
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