Evercoat One Step Finish Premium Gelcoat
Evercoat Evercoat
  • Evercoat One Step Finish Premium Gelcoat

Evercoat One Step Finish Premium Gelcoat

Evercoat One Step Finish Premium Gelcoat uses a resilient, isophthalic polyester coating that does not require PVA or other air-inhibitors to cure to a hard surface. Used to fill gouges, chips, scrapes and deep scratches in fiberglass gel coat finishes.

This gelcoat also has an added ultraviolet inhibitor to greatly slow fading and discoloration. Gelcoat is white in color although Evercoat Coloring Agents may be used to tint the material to desired color. Available in pint and quart sizes.

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BRAND: Evercoat
Type: Gelcoats
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Works great


I've been using this stuff for minor repairs for a couple years now, and it's been doing great things for me. I have applied it with everything from a Q-tip to a Preval sprayer, a foam brush, and a foam roller. Very easy to use, since it already contains surfacing wax. Can also be thickened with Cabosil/colloidal silica/whatever. If you're a new guy doing your first gelcoat repair, go with this stuff, it will work.

Gene Neill



Great product, on time delivery.


I have an inground concrete heated pool at my motel. It was originally painted with an expoxy paint which would only last 3 to 5 years before the whole thing had to be sanded and re-epoxied, at great cost both labor and materials. I opted to have the pool fiberglassed with white resin and mat. Unfortunately the guy who did it did not prepare the concrete properly and did not get good adhesion in 100% of the pool and over time the fiberglass sheel cracked and separated from the concrete, thus necessitating a repair. Every repair that I have made with this Evercoat product has held. Great product, fast turnover, excellent adhesion.




pre- paint products.


Easy for use it. Products are specially for fishing boats.

angler and trucker.

southwest Texas.


Evercoat One Step Finish Premium Gelcoat



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