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Attwood Shower Sump Systems

Attwood shower sump system available in 500 and 750 GPH. This low cost shower drain setup incorporates an Attwood pump and automatic float switch to create an efficient drainage system for your boat's shower or other water drains.

Multiple inlets can be hooked up to more than one drain with different hose size options. The see-through top on the box allows you to see when the filter needs cleaning.

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  • Installs quickly and easily using slotted mounting feet.
  • Easy removal and cleaning with straight mesh filter
  • Quickly drains shower, sink or tub.
  • Pump automatically starts and removes accumulated water as the sump box fills.
  • Check valve in inlet manifold prevents pump from cycling and reduces standing water odor.
  • 1.4 Amp draw 12 Volt DC
  • 3/4 inch I.D. hose size.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable standards of the ABYC and USCG


Item  Model  Box size  Lg x H x W (") 
ATT-41411  500 gph  Standard  10-1/2 x 4-1/2 x 8-1/8 
ATT-41434  750 gph  Large  13 x 4-7/16 x 7-1/2 
BRAND: Attwood
Type: Shower Systems
3.5 4

modifications can be a good thing or bad


shower sump was fine, but took 3 hours to install as the hose connections (shower, and 2 sinks) were not in the same place as the original shower sump (Also Attwood) and the hoses were cut for the old unit and it took some reconfiguring to get all the hoses connected to the sump box. Once on it worked great.




Didn't work.


This was a direct replacement for a pump that failed. The new one simply doesn't work. When it does run, sometimes it pumps water, sometimes not. And when it does actually run and pump water, the pump won't shut off. I'm looking at other brands although the reviews I've read on the Rule pumps are just as bad.


Toledo, OH


Easy works great


Easy to install if you need to replace your existing pump. Works just like it is supposed to.

Rinker FV 340 Dottie's Dinghy

cayuga lake NY


The easy way to create a shower


The Attwood shower sump system beats the heck out of trying to assemble something on your own. the one piece unit makes putting in a shower a snap.


No. Calif


Attwood Shower Sump Systems



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