Attwood Swivl-Eze Fixed Height Ski PylonSeries
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Attwood Swivl-Eze Series Fixed Height Ski Pylon

The Swivl-Eze fixed height ski pylon is ideal for towing water skiers from a balanced point on a boat. Stainless steel pylon features a swiveling head and telescoping supports that extend from 33 to 56 inches.

Works with any existing 3/4 inch seat pedestal base, and a quick release stainless steel hitch pins provide easy removal for storage.

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Height 28 inches
BRAND: Swivl-Eze
Type: Ski Accessories
4.0 1

Turns any powerboat into a skiboat


This pylon mount is what comes standard on any ski-boat (pre-wakeboard towers). I mounted it on an old 17' dual console runabout and turned it into a poor man's skiing machine! A world of difference from the bridle type that clips on the transom eyes. Pylon will make it easy for the driver to maintain a straight line while towing - no more wandering bow! It helps the skier by putting them in a better spot for wake jumping on a board or crossing the flat spot of the wake on slalom. When that boat was finally retired to the bone yard, I transfered this mount to my current boat. The whole unit easily unhinges, so you can stow it out of the way whenever you're just cruising or fishing. Only gripe, that little deck hinge stays, and will catch a toe, and your two year old will learn a new word for sure. It's inevitable!!!

Old School Waterskiing

Centerville, MA


Attwood Swivl-Eze Series Fixed Height Ski Pylon



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