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Amazon's Stainless Steel Cleaner

Amazon's Stainless Steel Cleaner will clean, polish and protect all of your stainless steel in one step. Wipe on-wipe off formula makes Amazon's SS cleaner extremely easy to use.
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BRAND: Amazon
Type: Metal Cleaners and Polishes
3.5 2

16 year old bottle still does the trick


My mother had this in her cleaning materials until she passed away in 1995. I dug this up after I bought my new fridge...and my fingerprint problem is no more! You must wipe it on evenly to get rid of streaks, but after you do this the rewards are great. Give it another try, all you frustrated stainless may not be for serious grime, but for day to day smudges, it's great.




Moderately successful


We found soft scrub to be more effective to clean old grime.


skaneateles, ny


Amazon's Stainless Steel Cleaner



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