Crankcase Stor-N-Start
MDR MDR Stor N Start
  • Crankcase Stor-N-Start

MDR Crankcase Stor-N-Start

MDR Crankcase Stor-N-Start prevents internal engine corrosion during off-season shut down and storage. Stor-N-Start's new formula for crankcase components provides a protective coating on all internal engine parts including cylinder walls, pistons, rings, bearings etc, preventing rust and corrosion. Meets MIL-L-21260 specifications.

If you've ever stored an engine for extended periods of time, you know that moisture in the block or head can do tremendous damage and lead to expensive rebuilds. This is a needless occurrence that the proper additive or oil can prevent.

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Simply pour into crankcase and run engine for 10 min. before storage. Use 8 ounces to treat a 5 quart crankcase.

Type: Oil Additive

MDR Crankcase Stor-N-Start



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