Pettit Prop-Koat Inflatable Antifouling Paint
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit marine paint
  • Pettit Prop-Koat Inflatable Antifouling Paint

Pettit Prop-Koat Inflatable Antifouling Paint

Pettit Prop Koat is a two part clear primer and topcoat system antifouling coating for underwater metals, fiberglass and inflatable boat fabrics. Pettit Prop-Koat is useful for rudders, shafts, struts, outdrive units and outboards, as well as inflatable boats.

Apply Prop Koat 6005 primer first then follow with several applications of 6006 topcoat. The finished result cures to a tough, elastic protective coating.

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  • Adheres to metal, rubberized fabrics and bare fiberglass
  • Kit includes 1 pint primer and 1 quart topcoat
  • Brush or roller application
  • Clear finish


BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Type: Bottom Paints
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Waiste of Money


This stuff is very expensive and it does NOT work. It is totally useless on both props and inflatables. It partially peels off quite quickly (as soon as the water warms up a bit) and leaves a patchy rubbery coat. The manufacturer and retailer would be sued for product misrepresentation in any other industry.


New York


poor results


Having just purchased a new feathering Max Prop I wanted to protect it. I got this product and called the manufacture and talked to a tech to make sure I used this in a perfect way and manner. I sanded my new $1500. prop with 80 grip paper (ouch), applied the prop koat at 72 degrees F., launched my boat and within 1 mouth the stuff peeled off and barnacles and weeds showed up more than would have if I had done nothing.

chantey alan

martha's vineyard


Pettit Prop-Koat Inflatable Antifouling Paint



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