Moeller Flo N Go Gas Pump
Moeller Moeller gas pump
  • Moeller Flo N Go Gas Pump

Moeller Flo N' Go Pump

The Moeller Flo N' Go gas pump and hose attaches to any plastic fuel can or tank for easy no mess fueling. This hand operated pump transfers fuel from tanks with ease at 2 GPM, regardless of the orientation between spout and tank. Ideal for refueling ATVs, boats, personal watercraft, and power equipment.

NOTE: Portable Fuel Tank Not Included.
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BRAND: Moeller
Type: Fuel Accessories
2.6 5

Illegal in USA


The MaxFlo looked like a good idea so I bought one. However, some parts were missing so I called the manufacturer in Canada. They told me this product is not supposed to be sold in the United States as it does not have EPA approval. Apparantly the hose, siphon handle and even the jerry can leak harmful vapors. They are in the process of a total redesign that should resolve these issues and be out in 2010. To Jamestown's credit, they promptly authorized a return and refund when informed of the problem tho it still cost me the shipping price.


Omaha, NE


good deal


own 2, one for the boat one for homeno leaks, no spills (first season)



great help in fueling boat,lawnmower


easy to use.two minor drawbacks 1 seal with some gas cans not liquid tight even with the supplied gasket. 2 if you drop the nozzle part in lifting the gas can and it hit the ground or wood pier or concrete the filler tube off of the handle snaps off,with no repair or place to get just the handle.


san leon TX


leaking pump after 5-6 times used


messy for tank


newington ,ct.


Refuel without the mess


The hand pump and nozzle combination makes dispensing your own fuel safer and a lot more convenient. No need to wrestle a heavy can of expensive gas and no need to risk costly spills. It is a nice upgrade.


San Diego, CA


Moeller Flo N' Go Pump



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