Torqeedo Replacement Propellers
Torqeedo Torqeedo propeller for all electric outboard engines and trolling motors
  • Torqeedo Replacement Propellers

Torqeedo Replacement Propellers

Replacement propellers for Torqeedo-made electric outboard motors. Developed specifically for the unique torque characteristics and performance range of the Torqeedo electric outboard motors. Torqeedo propellers are made from high-impact resistant, glass-fiber reinforced PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate), and come complete with nuts, disc springs and cylinder pin.

Factory Warranty: 2 years limited

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Propeller Type: Variable-Pitch-Variable-Camber (VPVC) propeller.

Item Number  Description  Motor Compatibility 
TOR-1901  Replacement Propeller for Travel, BaseTravel, Cruise  Travel 401 S/L, Travel 801 S/L, BaseTravel 401 S/L, BaseTravel 801 S/L, Cruise 2.0 S/L, Travel 503 
TOR-1912  Replacement Propeller for Ultralight Kayak  Ultralight Kayak 402 
TOR-1915  Replacement Propeller for Cruise R Models  Cruise 2.0 R, Cruise 4.0 R 
TOR-1916  Spare Propeller v19/p4000  For Cruise R models & Cruise tiller models with serial nos >5000 (Available March 2011) 
TOR-1923  Spare Propeller v30/p4000  For Cruise R models & Cruise tiller models with serial nos >5000 & Twin Cruise 4.0 installations 
TOR-1917  Spare propeller v9/p790  For Travel 1003 models 
BRAND: Torqeedo
Type: Propellers
4.3 3

perfect upgrade


This prop cut my power consumption by a third and is much faster. I have a displacement hull so it didn't give me any more top speed but I can get hull speed at a lower power draw so it did effectively extend my range which I needed. This prop on my cruise 4 would easily power a small skiff or rowboat on plane.


adirondacks, ny


Easy to install with metric sockets


The replacement propeller was easy to install. Owners might want to think about replacing sealing washers if used heavily in salt water. Mine were very corroded when I replaced the broken propeller. Had the propeller not broken I would have never notices until they stopped sealing. These are special washers I assume available from Torqeedo, although they are not listed as separate parts.


Portland, Oregon

propeller is too delicate


The electric motor is light and fast but the propeller is soft and damages very easy almost just touching it.I use it on my sailboat to get in and out of my canal


Key West


Torqeedo Replacement Propellers



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