Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 tiller electric outboard engine
Torqeedo Torqeedo Cruise outboard motor
  • Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 tiller electric outboard engine
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Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 T Electric Outboard Motor

New and improved tiller version of the Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 electric outboard motors provides thrust equal to a 6 HP gas engine. The most powerful 24 volt electric outboard engines available, Cruise series engines provide a quiet, clean, emission-free alternative for sailboat and powerboats up to a displacement of three tons.

Integrated computer displays GPS speed data, power consumption rate, and audible alert as power levels deplete to 30%, 20%, and 10%. Available in both a short-shaft or long-shaft version. Two year factory warranty.

Spare Propeller sold separately: TOR-1901

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New version Cruise 2.0 tiller version features:

  • Highly efficient and powerful 24 Volt outboard motor.
  • Onboard computer displays battery charge status, remaining range estimate, GPS speed over ground, input power consumption rate
  • Connection to remote steering: Now connects with standard Teleflex or U-Flex steering systems
  • New version has more power per watt: superior overall efficiency
  • More range from a limited battery supply than any other outboard
  • Minimum weight, maximum power
  • Completely waterproof (IP 67)
  • Improved resistance to corrosion and better protection against impact if it runs aground
  • Light weight makes it easy to carry and easy to mount; small size makes it very easy to store

Included Equipment:

  • Main switch, fuse, and cable set
  • Battery cable bridge for lead batteries
  • Magnetic key for emergency shut-off and stopping


Torqeedo Model Technical Data  Cruise 2.0 S (short shaft)  Cruise 2.0 L (long shaft) 
Input power in watts  2000  2000 
Propulsive power in watts  1120  1120 
Comparable gas outboards (propulsive power)  5 hp  5 hp 
Comparable gas outboards (thrust)  6 hp  6 hp 
Maximum overall efficiency in%  56  56 
Static thrust in lbs  115  115 
Integrated battery  no  no 
Rated voltage in volts  24  24 
Total weight in lbs  38.6 (S)  40.6 (L) 
Shaft length in inches  24.6 (S)  29.7 (L) 
Propeller dimensions in inches  12 x 10  12 x 10 
Propeller speed at full power in rpm  max. 1,300  max. 1,300 
Control  Tiller control  Tiller control 
Steering  360 degree, lockable  360 degree, lockable 
Tilting device  Manual, with grounding protection  Manual, with grounding protection 
Tilt angle  61.3°  61.3° 
Trim device  Manual, 4-step  Manual, 4-step 
Stepless forward/ reverse drive  Yes  Yes 
Integrated computer  Yes  Yes 

The improved Cruise 2.0 T offers better corrosion resistance in salt water, and better protection against impact. It is supplied power from either lead batteries connected in series (normally two 12 V batteries) or from the Torqeedo Power, lithium-based batteries.

NOTE: 3AWG cable set for the Cruise 2.0 (Item 1204), is included with these models and is required when connecting two lead 12 V batteries. The cable set allows the motor to be connected to batteries up to 78 inches away. Fuse and main switch also included.

BRAND: Torqeedo
Current: 24V
Type: Outboard Motors
4.2 5

Great little motor!


We live in a community with two connecting small lakes. The Torqueedo propels our 613 Gillgetter pontoon boat. Can't say enough positive things about this!


Charleston, SC


Excellent for sailing instruction boat


Electric outbaords are not for speeding, not for water skiing bit mostl y for fishing.This Torqeedo 2.0 is excellent for my work as a sailing instructor teaching children using Optimists.No noise so easy ommunication during sailing and at manouvering.

Mischa WaZA

The Netherlands




We have used a Cruise 2.0 as auxiliary power on a sailboat of 4500 lbs displacement for about 4 years. A little underpowered but adequate except that it occasionally stops running temporarily or fails to start running for a few minutes. Obviously this could be dangerous if it happened at the wrong time. Torqeedo thought it might be the master switch and when they sent a replacement it seemed to solve the problem. But now the motor fails on start and only begins to work after a few minutes. Too bad because we love it when it works properly. At half power (about 3 knots in calm waters) it will run for hours on a single charge of two 200-amp-hour 12-volt batteries.

Yankee mariner

Concord, MA


Going to be a good clean fishin pontoon


Really impressed for the maiden voyage. I live right in the middle of a lake 10km long by 4km at the widest. From the air looks like a woman with a belt of islands around her waist. One side is deep the other averaging 6 feet with lots of weeds. Weeds draw amps, cleaning is easy, good design. Pushed steady against 30km winds, tops speed 8.4 km with the wind. 225amp 26 volt on the lake 3 hours 1.20 full draw 1.80 averaging 5.2 km. Gets me to the fish gets me back and I plug the darn thing for virtually pennies. I would consider trying to get on the ground floor for Canada with these things. Hot green application, not fast, not loud and simple. Gas in the past, Do that for your world. Could bone up the underbelly to a higher marine quality.

Landlock mariner

Azilda, Ontario




I thought it was better then most electric motors


Lemont, Il


Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 T Electric Outboard Motor



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