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Vetus Flexible Waste Holding Tanks

Vetus flexible holding tanks for gray and black waste water are constructed with three layers of durable, odor tight fabric and reinforced welds. Built with the same quality design as their line of flexible drinking water tanks, Vetus flexible waste tanks install easily and conform to most spaces, making them ideal for marine and RV applications.

Available in four sizes.

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  • Tanks fitted with:
  • Two right angle barb connectors for 1-1/2 inch hose
  • Right angle barb connector for 5/8 inch breather hose


BRAND: Vetus
Type: Holding Tanks and Accessories
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well made but not so easy


After locating and making the exact location of the input and outlet fittings...mark the circles using the threaded ring. Next blow up the bag with compressed air..that will allow you to make the starting cuts without going through the other side. Use a hair blower to warm the area around the hole..it will easily stretch over the fitting.


Port Charlotte, Florida


Quick 7 Easy - Back in service


I had to replace my old holding tank (also a Vetus V55) that lasted 12 years. Tank was shipped super fast and came with the fittings and instructions. Cutting the holes for the fill and discharge fittings was a little nerve wrecking as cutting a hole too big would ruin the entire tank. Good tips in the enclosed info. I used a sharp fillet knife instead of scissors (as recommended) which worked perfect. Fitting the nipples in the holes takes patience and determination but in priciple is not hard at all. For better odor control I also swapped all connecting hoses with new nonpermeable flex hose that I obtained at my local hardware store. This product is not cheap to buy, but spreading the cost over 10+ years it becomes a bargain. As clearly noted on the bladder and accompanying instructions, mount the tank as flat and as horizontal as possible. Since I was forced to mount it under the V-birth which offers little flat space and is sloping up forward, I attached only the "bottom" 2 grommets where the supporting surface is flattest and widest. This way no weight will ever strain on the top grommets. As the bladder fills it will gradually expand up and forward in the space under the V-birth without any gravitational pull on the mounting screws and grommets.




Vetus Flexible Waste Holding Tanks


While the concept of a "soft" holding tank for grey water is a sound one, you absolutely MUST install the bag properly! Lay it flat!!! The prior owner of our 41' sailboat had an 18 1/2 gal tank 'professionally' hung on the port side and held by four screws. While Sailing in 3-6' seas and 20-25 knts the nearly full bag ripped from the top screws and started leaking into the cabin and bilge!!! I blame the installer but I question the strength and design of the eyelets. Cautiously reccomended.


Buzzards Bay


Vetus Flexible Waste Holding Tanks



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