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Vetus RWS Wiper Motors

Vetus RWS wiper motors are the foundation of Vetus marine windshield wiper systems. A powerful motor, separate housing with star wheel transmission, and extremely quiet operation lets you focus on navigating and not worry about keeping your ship's windshield clear.

Available in 12 V (4 A) or 24 V (2,1 A).

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  • When ordering, please select the 12 volt or 24 volt motor and 1 inch or 2 inch length of wiper shaft.
  • The wiping angle may be adjusted to 85 deg, 100 deg, 110 deg or 120 deg. Factory preset at 110 deg.
  • The wiper blade and the wiper arm are ordered separately.
  • The VETUS wiper motors may be supplied with a short or with a long mounting shaft.


BRAND: Vetus
Type: Wiper Motor
2.0 1

Factory Defect


When installed, wiper did not work. Removed cover and found two terminals not soldered together. Made the repair and all set. No quality control!



Vetus RWS Wiper Motors



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