6 Inch Dynorbital Supreme Random Orbital Sander Vac-Ready
Dynabrade Dynabrade
  • 6 Inch Dynorbital Supreme Random Orbital Sander Vac-Ready

6 Inch Dynorbital Supreme Random Orbital Sander Vac-Ready

The 6 Inch Dynabrade Dynorbital Supreme random orbital sander Vac-Ready model features a self-generating vacuum for connection to a self-contained dust collection system. The Supreme range of sanders offer the most robust air motor design, and are best for horizontal sanding applications.
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  • All Dynorbital Supreme models run at 12,000 RPM.
  • Rotor utilizes five blades and produces more useable power.
  • Composite rotor is stronger and has better lubricating qualities, enabling blades to last longer.
  • Composite base has integrated rubber over-mold creating a non-slip feel, as well as insulating from cold.
  • The air motor is suspended by vibration-absorbing rubber rings (Patent No. 5,319,888) to minimize vibration.
  • Triple-sealed front double row balancer bearing (Patent No. 4,854,085) is guarded from sanding residue for long life and lower maintenance; easy replacement using 57098 Repair Kit.
  • Includes low profile, premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad.
  • Optional vacuum conversion kits available, to easily convert non-vacuum tool to self-generated vacuum tool or central vacuum tool.
  • New Comfort Platform provides additional hand and wrist support, further enhancing operator comfort. Also offers increased protection against cold air exhaust. (NOTE: Comfort Platform is removable.)
  • 3/16" (5 mm) Diameter Orbit: For General Sanding
  • Anti-clog design (Patent No. 5,319,888) enhances the vacuum pick-up on self-generated and central vacuum models.
  • Dust particles are directed away from the air motor (reducing contamination) following a smoother, easier path of extraction.


Sanding Tips

For efficient random orbital sanding and uniform finish, move the tool in "north-to-south" pattern, then change to "east-to-west" pattern. Be sure to sand complete surface in each pattern.

Remember the rule of "start ON, stop OFF." Place the tool ON the work surface be starting it, and move running tool OFF the surface before stopping it. This will help to prevent unwanted swirl marks.

BRAND: Dynabrade
Drive Type: Pneumatic
Hole Pattern: 6 Hole
Type: Random Orbit Sander
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