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Vetus Air Vents for Exhaust Systems

Vetus air vents prevent sea water from siphoning back through the exhaust into marine engines. Also called a vented loop, it is used as a siphon break for marine toilets and holding tanks. This siphon break is critical for engines utilizing a wet exhaust system. Vent mounts in the coolant line before the mixing elbow with the exhaust gas. Ideal installation is 16 inches above the water line.

Two types are available. AIRVENTH comes with 12 feet of hose to connect the vent to the outside of the hull. When the engine is running a constant bleed of cooling water trickles out. Along with the 12 feet of hose comes a skin fitting and hose clamps.

AIRVENTV model has a pressure valve and is self contained. It does require periodic maintenance to prevent clogging with salt crystals.

Repair kits also available. See "Product Info" tab for specifics.

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BRAND: Vetus
Type: Exhaust Fittings
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I needed to add a vent to prevent water siphoning into my exhaust line. I only happened occasionally, but this should prevent future occurences.


Mt Sinai, NY


Directing valve


I have rebuilt "conventional" anti siphon valves to direct the small amount of salt water that they blow during operation. Since these anti-siphon valves must be mounted high, this "spitting" eventually corrodes something below them.I've never understood why valve makers haven't made this design a standard.I'm told this valve also seems not to require as much servcing as most. Time will tell. . .

Night Flight

New Bern NC


Vetus Air Vents for Exhaust Systems



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