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Vetus Round Louvered Air Suction Vent

Ventilate smaller size engine compartments such as the inboard engines of cruising sailboats with a round louvered air vent. This vent from Vetus has a stainless steel grid and synthetic housing. Free flow area supplies sufficient air flow for the combustion demands of a 20hp engine. The adjustable and watertight hose connector acts as a dorade box.
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An engine of this size requires about 215 cu.ft. of air per kW (160 cu.ft/HP) per hour. Air intake velocity should not be higher than 9.85 ft/sec. Vetus designed this engine compartment vent around these engineering principles, not aesthetics or a price point.
BRAND: Vetus
Type: Louver Vents
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Not up to Vetus usual standard


While I am a fan of most things Vetus, this is a disappointment at best. The plastic 90 deg ell is robust enough but that where it ends. The Stainless rim you see is about 25 Ga. The screen/mesh materialis like wise flimsy, and not at all secured except by friction. For [$] this gets 3 thumbs down.

David Irwni

Boston MA


Vetus Round Louvered Air Suction Vent



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