Festool ETS 150 EQ Plus Random Orbital Sander Kit Contents
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  • Festool ETS 150 EQ Plus Random Orbital Sander Kit Contents
  • Festool ETS 150 EQ Plus Random Orbital Sander
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Festool ETS 150 EQ Plus Random Orbital Sanders

Festool offers two ETS 150 EQ Plus Random Orbital Sanders to ensure you have the right tool for the job. The Festool ETS 150/3 6 in. sander has a short 1/8 inch stroke for fine finish work. The ETS 150/5 6 in. has a 3/16 in. stroke for intermediate sanding and fast stock removal. Both versions are balanced for their specific stroke, for smooth, low-vibration working.

The 6 in. Festool polishing & sanding pads now feature the next generation Multi-Jetstream 2 design that incorporates a modified 17-hole pattern for increased airflow, and improved dust extraction. In addition, the new pads incorporate an enhanced, heat-resistant StickFix design, extending both pad and abrasive life considerably.

The new Multi-Jetstream 2 design is 100% compatible with the previous pad design, and vice-versa.

EQ-Plus models include sanding pad, abrasive, filter, and SYSTAINER.

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ETS 150/3 EQ-Plus and ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus include:

  • Multi-Jetstream 2 M8 6-inch diameter (150mm) StickFix sanding pad (extra soft SW)
  • 1 (Stickfix) 6 inch abrasive
  • Filter cartridge
  • Wrench
  • PlugIt detachable power cord
  • Systainer SYS 3 T-LOC container

ETS 150/3 and 150/5 EQ-Plus Sanding Pad Features

  • Ergonomic and extremely lightweight (1.8 kg / 4 lbs.) design for added comfort with extended use.
  • The soft grip in the cover allows you to keep a secure hold on the sander.
  • Highest degree of safety and workpiece protection when the tool is set down, thanks to the sanding pad brake.
  • The vibration stop and dust extraction ensures low noise levels which in turn makes for healthy work.
  • MPE sanding pad for long service life.
  • Long service life thanks to high-quality gear elements and plastic components.
  • Plug it-system prevents hoses and cables from entangled during tool changes.
  • 150/3 is particularly suited to fine touch-up work, the .12" (3 mm) stroke length gives a very fine surface finish.
  • 150/5 has a .2" (5 mm) stroke length makes it ideal for intermediate or light sanding of varnishes.
  • Includes SYSTAINER SYS 3 T-LOC.


Attachment Type: Velcro
BRAND: Festool
Current: 120V AC
Drive Type: Electric
Hole Pattern: 17 Hole
Type: Random Orbit Sander
5.0 1

great product, worth every dollar it cos


stock removal and great dust collection

bill w

cincinnati, ohio


Festool ETS 150 EQ Plus Random Orbital Sanders



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