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Vetus Electric Ventilator Fan

Mate this electric fan with the UFO style Vetus stainless deck vents to create airflow and ensure proper ventilation aboard boats in salons, cabins and heads. This fan also functions as an excellent heat extractor near refrigerators.

Its motor is nearly silent, and draws a minuscule amperage on boat electrical systems. Mounts horizontally overhead or vertically on bulkheads. Fans installed in sleeping areas will also benefit by minimizing mosquito attraction. Choose from 12 and 24 volt versions.

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Technical Specifications


12 Volt Model


12 Volt Model

Amp Hour draw  0.19 Ah  0.11 Ah 


  • Long-life computer motor can sustain continuous running, with minimum 50,000 hour life expectancy
  • Available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt
  • Minimal Noise Level (no carbon brushes)
  • Two speeds, with a capacity to replenish 42 cfm
  • Static pressure: 1/4 inch H2O


BRAND: Vetus
Type: Fans
4.5 2

Does NOT work with UFO2 deck vent.


The description says "Mate this electric fan with the UFO style Vetus stainless deck vents"Beware, it does NOT work with the UFO2, only the non-closeable UFO.


Portland OR

We've bought this fan more than once!


We've installed three of these on our trawler to give extra ventilation and carry heat and moisture out of the galley and the heads. These fans, having two speeds and being 12V work extremely well, and have been very reliable. They can move a lot of air in a short time. Well worth the price and the time to install....and they are easy to install.


Punta Gorda, FL


Vetus Electric Ventilator Fan



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