Moeller Universal Electric Diesel Sending Unit
Moeller Moeller
  • Moeller Universal Electric Diesel Sending Unit

Moeller Electric Universal Diesel Sending Unit

Moeller universal electric fuel sending unit meets the need of a return line found on diesel and some fuel injected gasoline engines. This sending unit has a swing arm float that rotates in 90 degree increments to clear tank walls or baffles. It supplies the readings for fuel tanks 12 to 24 inches deep. The internal components are made of stainless steel.
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BRAND: Moeller
Fuel: Diesel
Type: Sending Units
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If I did it again I would drill tap and add my own return


Used in a Moeller tank for diesel fuel. Required several cuts and adjustments to match tank. Moeller would do well to incorporate a diesel fuel return in the tank itself. Was not able to use the 1/4" hose barred fitting for the return and had to replace it to accommodate my return hose. If I where to do it again I would use the existing fuel sender and drill and tap the sender or access plate for the return fitting that matches your return hose.


sf bay,ca


Not so good on my tank


I bought 5 Maretron sonar tank sending units that don't work very well and not at all on my aluminum fuel tank. I bought this NMEA2000 converter and this float sending unit. The float sending unit was hard to fit since there were a couple of baffles in my tank. I had to reposition the float angle and followed the directions but they didn't mention that if you fail to get the angle just right that it breaks the ground contact and won't work. That took a lot of trial and error to figure out. The level never read very well after all that so I replaced it with a reed type that works well. They only plus was that the cut to size it wasn't complicated but the directions are poor.


Southport NC


Moeller Electric Universal Diesel Sending Unit



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