Silent Running SR1000 Spray Kit
Silent Running Silent Running
  • Silent Running SR1000 Spray Kit

Silent Running SR1000 Spray Kit

Silent Running SR 1000 is a sound and vibration dampening, viscoelastic paint that has been specifically designed for marine applications. This paint can be used as a replacement for conventional sound dampening materials, like heavy mats and wraps. SR 1000 works by absorbing noise (up to 8 decibels) and vibration and converting it into low-grade heat which is then dissipated throughout the surface its applied on.
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Kit Includes: Full one gallon container, spray gun, empty quart bottle with lid.

One gallon container covers roughly 40 sq. ft. with two coats and gives a final application thickness of 40 thousandths.

For full noise and vibration attenuation a thickness of 40 mil. is required when fully cured.


  • Water-based acrylic, VOC Free, Non-flammable, Non-toxic
  • Withstands temperatures -30° to 300°
  • Meets stringent USCG requirements
  • Double coat paint designed as a permanent coating w/advanced adhesion promoters that work well on metal, fiberglass, and wood
  • Dries to a hard surface, withstands cracking and chipping from expanding and flexing of the applied surface
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Paint is odorless after 24-48 hour cure time


Color:  Off white 
Solid Content:  Approx 73% 
Viscosity:  400 +/- 100 mPas 
Flash Point:  200° (when liquid) 
Ideal Application Temp.:  60-110° 
Layer Thickness:  .020 inch wet/coat 
Coverage:  40 sq. ft./gallon to .035" dry 
Storage Temp.:  above 32° 
Shelf Life:  One year 
BRAND: Silent Running
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Sound Dampening Paint
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