Silent Running SR1000 Marine Coating
Silent Running Silent Running
  • Silent Running SR1000 Marine Coating

Silent Running SR1000 Marine Coating

Silent Running SR1000 is a sound and vibration dampening paint specifically designed for marine applications. This unique marine coating absorbs noise and vibration, and converts it into low-grade heat which is dissipated throughout the surface its applied on. Apply SR1000 to replace conventional sound dampening materials, like heavy mats and wraps.

SR1000 is a double coat, permanent coating with advanced adhesion promoters that work well on metal, fiberglass and wood. It may be rolled, brushed or sprayed on. Paint dries to a hard surface but withstands cracking and chipping from expanding and flexing of the applied surface.

This is also the first sound dampening paint in the marine industry to meet stringent U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

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For full noise and vibration attenuation a thickness of 40 mil. is required when fully cured.

Technical Data


  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Color- Off white
  • Solid Content- Approximately 73 %
  • Viscosity- 400 +/- 100 mPas
  • Flash Point- 200 degrees (when liquid)
  • Ideal Application Temp.- 60-110 degrees
  • Layer Thickness- .020 inch wet/coat
  • Coverage- 10 sq. ft- Quart/ 40 sq. ft- 1 Gallon/ 200 sq. ft- 5 Gallon
  • Storage Temp- above 32 degrees
  • Shelf Life- One year
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Odorless after 24-48 cure time
  • VOC free - water based acrylic paint
  • Withstands temps from -30° - 300°


BRAND: Silent Running
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Sound Dampening Paint
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Silent Running SR1000 Marine Coating



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