Beckson Channel-Mate Series Window Track
Beckson Beckson Marine
  • Beckson Channel-Mate Series Window Track

Beckson Channel-Mate Window Track

Beckson Channel-Mate window track made of B-FLEX type marine grade plastic to eliminate cracks and discoloration.

Channel-Mate window grooves are slightly narrower than standard window glass for constant, positive pressure against the glass to seal out leaks and prevent rattling. The elevated track at the bottom of the channel makes opening and closing doors an easy task.

Channel-Mate window tracks can be used in sliding cabinet applications as well. Sold in 8 ft. long sections available in single and double track styles.

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BRAND: Beckson
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this product is NOT flexible


This product does not go around a 3 inch radius curve even though it says B-FLEX.




Beckson Channel-Mate Window Track



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