Bomar Right Latch Dog Assembly for Bomar and similar hatches
Bomar Bomar boat deck hatches
  • Bomar Right Latch Dog Assembly for Bomar and similar hatches

Bomar Latch Dog Assembly

Bomar Latch Dog Assemblies are designed specifically for Bomar hatches, and can be fitted to other similar models as well. Latches securely hold hatch in place while underway and when not in use. Non-corrosive construction ensures years of dependable service.

Available in Right or Left opening models.

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BRAND: Bomar
Type: Hatch Parts
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Product labeling left vs. right is very confusing.


Funny you should ask. I bought the left latch dog assembly because the busted one is on the left as I looked up at it in the boat. Turns out, that's not what "left" means. There's a whole thread of folks who are confused by the labeling of this product, with their interpretation of right and left. Having made that mistake, the only explanation I can come up with is that the "left locking" means that the latch is in the locked position when the handle is turned to the left (which I would do with my right hand standing below the hatch looking forward). Suggest a picture of the hatch lid with the latches installed and arrows labeling the right and left assemblies. So I bought the right latch dog assembly. Turns out, the right mushroom cap is bonded to the glass...previous owner tried to repair a crack and glued the whole assembly together and I'd need a sledge hammer to get it off. So, spare parts inventory just went up by two and now I'm looking for a replacement hatch. Moral of the story..look before you leap. Ugh!


Buffalo, NY


excellent service. knowledgeable also!


no hesitation in doing business with you again


long island


Easy to install


Old caps were worn out after 27 years. The new caps are a better design and easily installed.


Port Clinton, Ohio


Bomar Latch Dog Assembly



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