Hella Marine Naviled Series Stern Lamp
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  • Hella Marine Naviled Series Stern Lamp

Hella Marine NaviLED Series Stern Lamp

Hella Marine NaviLED Series Stern Lamps are pre-wired for easy installations and completely waterproof. They feature LED lighting which uses less energy than traditional bulbs while producing brighter and cleaner light.

LED lights also last significantly longer than regular bulbs. They are designed to be impact and vibration proof for long life in marine environments.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Two nautical mile visibility rating
BRAND: Hella Marine
Bulb Type: LED
Type: Stern Lights
3.0 2

Great Improvement


I have a 35 year old powerboat that had the original Perko incandescent navigation lights. I don't run at night very often and when I switched the lights on I was always relieved when they worked. Cleaning the corrosion from the lamp base meant disassembling the fixture and then resealing it. I changed over to LEDs and the improvement is huge...they're much more visible and reliable.I didn't experience any of the difficulties from the other reviewer. The lamp assembly separated easily from the shroud for installation, the shroud mounted with two screws and the lamp assembly snapped securely into the shroud when I was done. I've had the sidelights in for over a year and just added the stern light - been using an LED all around white in the interim. Extremely satisfied with Hella LED products.

CG Sailor

Honolulu, HI


Cannot Remove Optic Assembly from Shroud


This stern navigation light has an attractive appearance, but an incredibly poor mechanical design.There is a "snap fit" that holds the optic assembly to the shroud. Unfortunately, as shipped, the optic assembly was apparently jammed within the shroud and the components could not be separated short of applying force that would have fractured the shroud. Hella kindly replied to an email requesting assistance in separating the components, but their suggested solution did not work.Assuming that the components could be separated, a second problem is that there appears to be no way of subsequently separating the components after the shroud has been screwed in place and the optic snapped in position. That is, there is apparently nothing one can do from the outside to release the optic after the shroud is screwed in place.The shroud has no waterproof sealing. There is a rubber seal around the base of the optic unit, but there is no way to guarantee the mechanical integrity of the seal vis-a-vis a vertical mounting surface.Finally there is no space to "curl up" part of the wiring withing the unit as may be required in a flush mount.




Hella Marine NaviLED Series Stern Lamp



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