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Perko Mooring Bitt

Perko Mooring Bitts are typically bow or deck mounted for fastening ropes and cables. Hollow, chrome plated bronze two headed bits are built to last.

Available in two sizes.

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Mooring Bit


Base Dimensions



PKO-0608002CHR  4-1/4 x 4-1/4 inch  3-1/2 inch 
PKO-060802ACHR  5 x 5 inch  4-3/4 inch 
PKO-0608003CHR  6 x 6 inch  5 inch 
BRAND: Perko
Metal: Chrome
Type: Mooring Bitts
4.0 1

Better than a big cleat


Cleats are essential for docking lines. Mooring bitts are better for anchor lines, mooring lines and tow lines when needed. The bitts are large enough to handle several lines if needed. I mounted one on my bow deck and a smaller one on the stern deck. The bitts will allow for much larger bolts and screws. It is a good idea to reinforce the deck if possible.


Charlestown, RI


Perko Mooring Bitt



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