Samson Solid Braid Polyester Utility Cord
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  • Samson Solid Braid Polyester Utility Cord

Samson Solid Braid Polyester Utility Cord

Samson solid braid polyester utility cord is ideal for smaller boat sheets and halyards, flag halyards, sail cover lacings, and lifeline netting. Samson cord is designed to resist UV (ultra-violet) rays, stay flexible, and resist shrinking and hardening, making it the most durable utility cord suited for marine applications.
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BRAND: Samson
Material: Polyester
Type: Utility Cord
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Samson 1/8" poly braid


Was actually surprised when I got the line. I had been trying to find Samson 1/8" solid nylon (or pull cord) braid. Thought that this was it. This product is not as stiff as the nylon braid and may to be as good for some of the decorative knot-work we intend to do on our boat. Would love to know how to get some nylon solid braid.The product is super fine as is the case with all Samson line, just didn't get what I thought I was getting. Realized the error after is arrived, but also had trouble locating the nylon.


Richmond, VA

Not just for marine


All the outdoor stores, and most of the farm stores, carry braided nylon cord. Braided polyethylene is better and not that much more expensive. I am not sure of the nomenclature, but the smooth braided (sometimes called solid braided?), with the core, is best for tarp rigging, food hanging, etc., because it is often being pulled around tree trunks and limbs in the tensioning process. The relative lack of stretch also facilitates this process. And the lower absorption means less (water) weight in the backpack.I doubt if there is much of a difference between nylon and polyethylene in terms of ease of unknotting.

Robert the Trekker

Eugene, OR


Samson Solid Braid Polyester Utility Cord



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