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TACO Metals Pre-Drilled Aluminum Rub Rails

Pre-Drilled Aluminum Rub Rails from TACO Marine are constructed of 6063-T5 grade aluminum alloy. Aluminum providing strength and protection and easy tight-radius bending.

Alumarine anodized finish helps protect against the harsh marine environment. All rub rails come pre-drilled and countersunk on 6 inch centers, and fasten with standard screws.

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Item Number  Length (ft)  Height (in)  Width (in)  Screw size 
TAC-A110151TAL12D  12'  3/4"  3/8"  #8 
TAC-A110152TAL12D  12'  1"  7/16"  #8 
TAC-A110511TAL20D  20'  1-1/4"  13/16"  #10 
Metal: Aluminum
Type: Rub Rail
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