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Taylor Made Mooring Whips

Taylor Made mooring whips provide an economical and safe way to protect boats against costly dockside and seawall damage. Use mooring whips to pull boats a safe distance away from docks and seawalls, protecting them from the damaging forces of waves, wind, tides and wakes.

Taylor whips consist of high quality solid fiberglass poles, aluminum-magnesium base units, tips, and mooring whip lines. Each set includes all hardware necessary for installation and are easy to remove for storage.

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Model  Boat Size  Weight   Pole Length  Pole Dia   Base 
TAY-MW.080   To 17’   2500 lbs  8’   .813”  Fixed Angle 
TAY-MW.120   18’ - 23’   2500 - 5,000 lbs  12’   .813”  Fixed Angle 
TAY-MW.140   24’ - 28’   5000 - 10,000 lbs  14’   .813”  Fixed Angle 
TAY-MW.160   29’ - 33’   10,000 - 20,000 lbs  16’   .813”  Fixed Angle 
TAY-PMW.1400   To 33’   20,000 lbs  14’   1”  Rocker Arm 
TAY-PMW.1600   34’ - 46’   20,0000 - 36,000 lbs  16’   1”  Rocker Arm 

Differences between Taylor Made Standard and Premium Mooring Whips

Standard series whips have fixed-angle bases with a 60° angle and are most commonly used for ski boats, runabouts, center consoles, and bass boats. Note: Standard model part numbers begin with TAY-MW

Premium series models have rocker arm bases that return poles to the vertical position when not in use. These are ideal for sailboats and larger, heavier, or high-profile boats. Note: Premium model part numbers begin with TAY-PMW

BRAND: Taylor Made
Type: Mooring Whip
2.5 2

Some parts need to be reengineer.


After 6 months use pin in the base keeps coming out.Epoxy that holds poles together came loose.Roller on end of whip broke.When everything is together it works well.


Needles, Ca


Whips good, packaging lousy


Purchased to safely moor a pontoon next to my dock. Believe whips will work well once I purchase additional cleats and ropes and figure out placement to keep boat "in line" with whips. Whips require more complicated mooring to keep them lined up. Epoxy sent with whips wasn't in a bag, wasn't properly protected and was spilled all over everything in package. Plastic bags containing whips were both not properly sealed and all 4 whip pieces were covered in epoxy. Spent 2 hours trying to clean them but still not like new. A lot of money for lousy packaging and poor instructions on use.


South Bend, NE


Taylor Made Mooring Whips



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