TH Marine Straight Thru-Hull Fitting
TH Marine TH Marine
  • TH Marine Straight Thru-Hull Fitting

TH Marine Straight Thru-Hull Fitting

TH Marine straight thru-hull fittings made of UV (ultra-violet) stabilized plastic to ensure durability. TH Marine has worked with major hose manufacturers to guarantee that their hose barbs have the exact specifications to fit any hose securely so that installations will be hassle free.
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Item Part #  Hose Diameter (inches)  Stem Length (inches)  Flange Diameter (inches)  Installation Hole Diameter (inches)  Total Threaded Portion (inches) 
THM-TH652DP  5/8  3-1/4  1-3/4  1-1/16  1-1/4 
THM-TH752XLDP  3/4  3-1/16  1-1/2  1-3/8  1-3/4 
THM-TH1202XLDP  1-1/8  3-1/2  1-7/8  1-3/8  1-3/4 
THM-TH1502XSDP  1-1/2  2-3/4  2-7/8 
THM-TH1502XLDP  1-1/2  3-1/2  2-7/8  1-3/4 
BRAND: TH Marine
Type: Thru-Hulls
4.0 2

Quality Above-Waterline Thru-Hull


With lots of cheap plastic on the market (selling for top dollar), JD came through by offering a quality material at an affordable price. I don't take chances with thru-hulls, and I use this one!


Bear, DE


Fits well but strips easily


Weakest thru-hull fitting I've used. Tightened with channel-locks turned sideways in restricted space (not much torque possible) and I stripped threads on first of four fittings used. Will have to order another to match and will go easier on torque.


Hickory, NC


TH Marine Straight Thru-Hull Fitting



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