Whitecap Anti-Rattle Door Fasteners
Whitecap Whitecap
  • Whitecap Anti-Rattle Door Fasteners

Whitecap Anti-Rattle Door Fastener

Whitecap Anti-Rattle Door Fasteners keep doors shut securely and have the ability to accept padlocks with 1/4 inch shanks.

Constructed from chrome plated brass to give a quality look while providing excellent corrosion protection.

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BRAND: Whitecap
Metal: Chrome
Type: Latches
1.5 2

Poor finish


I returned this. The casting under the plating is rough so the surface finish is poor. As you expect from the price, this is Asian made and does not represent the best they have to offer. Looks like it would function OK, although the pivot pins are a little loose.


Northampton, MA


People that made these should be ashamed


I was extremely excited to get these in the mail today. When I opened the box the excitement flew out the door. Although they will most likely work for what we will use them for, they won't look good doing it. These are chrome plated brass. It looks like a 4 year old did the chrome plating on these. Pits on the entire finish, Looks as if after they were done plating them they dragged them behind a car for 10 miles to test durability and then threw them in the packaging. I will be thoroughly embarrassed with this garbage on my boat.

These Latches are poorly made.

Lake Forest, Ca


Whitecap Anti-Rattle Door Fastener



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