Attwood Flush Mount Fuel Tank Vents
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Attwood Flush Mount Fuel Tank Vents

Attwood Flush Mount Fuel Tank Vents are made of 316 grade marine stainless steel for an attractive appearance and the ultimate in corrosion protection. Vents may be flush mounted on hulls up to 7/8 inches thick, and are compatible with 5/8 inch fuel hoses. Flush mount design prevents damage caused by other fuel vents with protruding caps.

Straight and 90 degree configurations are available.

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BRAND: Attwood
Metal: Stainless Steel 316
Type: Fuel Vents
4.8 5

Great product


Well designed fuel vent. Allows you to remove screen and clean.


Hampton Bays NY


Nice piece of hardware


Highly polished finish. The center baffle is removable with a # 5 hex wrench. The internal screen is likewise removable for cleaning. The unit comes with two silicone gaskets and a lock washer although the gasket on the outside wanted to squeeze out when the unit was tightened so I discarded it and used polysulfide sealant. Like other commenters noted, this was a replacement for an existing vent and posed a problem for drilling the required hole. I could not apply the two other tricks mentioned by the other reviewers for various reasons. I solved the problem of centering the hole saw pilot bit by duct taping the outside of the hull and filling in the existing hole from inside using Marine Tex epoxy putty. It won't sag and when cured and the tape removed, provided a flat surface on the outside for the pilot bit. The 1 3/8 hole saw did the trick but it was a tad large making me wonder if a metric hole saw would be more appropriate. I'd test it first on some scrap wood to be sure of the size if you happen to have a set of metric hole saws.


Cape Cod


Drilling hole


Like the vent. Built well.The 1 3/8 hole was no problem. Some hole saw arbors you can mount the 1 3/8 hole saw then mount the smaller hole saw on the inside of the 1 3/8 that fit the origial hole. The smaller hole saw will stick out allowing you to use it to center the hole. Just use a little care.

High Rock Charlie



Very nice !!


I love the way these look on my boat and since they are flush, they don't interfere with hanging fenders. I used 2 straight vents for my black water and fresh water tanks and a 90 for my fuel tank. My old vents were plastic and they were corroded and broken. You will need a 1-3/8 hole saw if your hole is not big enough to install these vents. It is difficult, if not impossible, to center the hole saw without a pilot hole, so I cut down the flange of one of my old vents and used the old vent to pilot the hole. These come with a rubber gasket for the inside and out. I used 3M 4200 to seal the outside and the fiberglass where I cut through the gelcoat and used only the one gasket on the inside. The center of the vent is removeable to clean or replace the screen once the vent has been permanently installed. This was a much easier install then I thought. I replaced 3 vents in about 15 minuits once my pilot was made.


North East, MD


Nice look


Well made, nice finish, works well. Requires a larger hole than the typical vent it replaces, which is a little problem using a hole saw to drill a bigger hole, as there is no pilot hole to center the saw on. Overall makes a nice smooth appearance on the hull side, nothing for fenders or lines to catch on.


Sandusky, Ohio


Attwood Flush Mount Fuel Tank Vents



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