Briter Innovations Engine Checkup Diagnostic Oil Analysis Test Kit
Briter Innovations Briter Innovations
  • Briter Innovations Engine Checkup Diagnostic Oil Analysis Test Kit

Briter Innovations Engine Checkup Diagnostic Test Kit

Briter Innovations Engine Check-Up is a simple Do-it-yourself engine analysis for marine engines. A drop of oil from the dip stick gives four important parameters: Sediment, Oil condition, Water in oil, Fuel in oil.

Briter's Engine Check Up diagnostic Test Kit, recognized in 2007 with the NMMA Innovations Award, provides an easy way to take a quick qualitative look at engine heath by simply checking the oil. Simply place a drop of oil on the test patch and allow it to disperse. Then compare the ring pattern on the test patch to the images on the diagnostic test card reader.

Test results alert you to the presence of contaminants and particulate in the oil, general condition of the oil, any presence of water or antifreeze in the oil (sign of faulty engine seals), and the presence of any fuel in the oil.

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  • Features

  • Test results develop typically within 15 minutes to one hour
  • Multifunctional results easily seen and interpreted
  • No tools or professional assistance required
  • No need to drain oil - sample taken from dipstick
  • Determine inefficient combustion
  • Determine oil condition
  • Determine sediment or grime, water or fuel in oil, and oxidation of oil
  • Benefits

  • Quickly screen the general health of your engine
  • Improve maintenance and repair scheduling
  • Check your engine's health before winterizing and as a part of normal engine oil changes.
  • Identify problems before they become major repairs
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Minimize downtime
  • Prolong engine life
  • High value, low cost
  • Test Kit includes:

  • Instructions
  • Diagnostic image reader card (laminated, just wipe clean)
  • 6 Diagnostic Test Patches
  • Zip-to-close plastic storage pouch


BRAND: Briter Innovations
Type: Engine Test Kit
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