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Vetus Non-Slip Deck Covering

The circular tread of Vetus Non-Slip Deck Covering means sure footing on deck even in the wettest conditions! These rubberized mats come in sheets of 3x4 or 3x8 feet. Vetus uses a blend of rubber, cork and plastic with a circular dot tread pattern. Non slip material is easy to cut and customize to fit any area. It is highly resistant to sunlight, seawater and oil. Most commonly applied with epoxy, it will bond to all types of decks including steel, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and concrete.
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Available in two colors:
Happy Elephant - Gray
Safari - Beige

BRAND: Vetus
Type: Anti-Slip Covering
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Vetus non-slip


This stuff looks great. Still going strong after 31 years on my Valiant Esprit sailboat deck and two paint overs with LP paint. In my experience painting with LP did not reduce non-slip properties significantly. And looks fantastic.


San Diego


Vetus Non-Slip Deck Covering



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