Circa 1850 DEX Outdoor Oil (Marine Grade Tungn Teak)
Circa 1850 Circa 1850
  • Circa 1850 DEX Outdoor Oil (Marine Grade Tungn Teak)

Circa 1850 DEX Outdoor Oil (Marine Grade Tung'n Teak)

Circa 1850 DEX Outdoor Oil maintains the warm feel of the wood in a hand-rubbed low luster finish. This Marine Grade Tung'n Teak Oil combines the penetration of teak oil with the durability of tung oil. Ideal for indoor, outdoor and marine use. It is also safe for use on exotic type woods.
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Marine Tung'n Teak Oil incorporates transparent UV absorbers to screen out UV rays and inhibit the fading effects of the sun. It also contains a superior fungicide and mildewcide, making this oil ideal for outdoor and marine applications.

BRAND: Circa 1850
Type: Tung and Teak Oil
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Two thumbs up!


I purchased this for an interior project, but wanted some extra UV protection on my walnut mantel. I tested several different tung oil products and preferred this one the most. It brought seemed to bring out the color the most of the products I tried and I liked the satin finish. This was my first project with tung oil and I am now a huge fan. It is extremely easy to apply!


Farmington, PA 15437


Good stuff!


I bought this to use on my newly perchased wood deck furniture. I know that's not it's intended use, but so far it seems like it's doing very well and I'm pleased. I wanted something that would protect the furniture from the elements while also protecting them from mildew and the like (we have humid summers here in VA).




Circa 1850 DEX Outdoor Oil (Marine Grade Tung'n Teak)



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