Vetus Bow 230 Hydraulic Bow Thruster
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  • Vetus Bow 230 Hydraulic Bow Thruster

Vetus Bow 230 Hydraulic Bow Thruster

Bow Thrusters improve lateral maneuverability of boats by creating sideways thrust. Driven by a hydraulic pump, the performance of hydraulic versions surpasses the output of conventional electric thrusters.

If a hydraulic pump and associated tank are already installed on board, then, in most cases, this assembly can be used for driving the bow thruster also. Some marine engine manufacturers, e.g. VETUS DEUTZ, supply as standard a special P.T.O.(Power Take Off) connection, which greatly simplifies the installation of the hydraulic pump. In addition to the pump and the hydraulic storage tank, VETUS can also supply the required load sensing and control devices, as well as the high-pressure hydraulic hoses, complete with end fittings. Thrusters may be fitted to GRP steel or aluminum tunnels or used as a stern thruster using the appropriate installation kit.

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Hydraulic Motor power

16.8 hp (12.5 kW)  

Hydraulic Motor speed

1900 rpm 

Hydraulic Motor capacity

1.03 cubic inches/rev 

Flow Rate

8.85 gallons/minute 

Operating Pressure

3336 psi  

Internal Tunnel Diameter

11-13/16 inch 


see image  
A 10-1/8" / B 17" / C 11-13/16" 

Install thrusters below the waterline in the bow or stern of any hull for advanced maneuverability in tight spaces. Thrusters alleviate the need for extra crew hands and line handling around the dock.

Hydraulic models offer quiet, effective thrust with unlimited run time as opposed to electric models. They also have a more compact design. They require the support of a hydraulic tank, pump and lines.

Hydraulic thrusters are excellent for boats that already utilize hydraulic systems elsewhere onboard. For boats not already utilizing these components onboard, installation of a supporting hydraulic system will be required.

BRAND: Vetus
Type: Bow Thrusters
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