Circa 1850 Nu Lustre 55 Epoxy Coating
Circa 1850 Circa 1850 by Swing Paints
  • Circa 1850 Nu Lustre 55 Epoxy Coating

Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 Epoxy Coating

Circa 1850 Nu Lustre 55 is a thick, clear high gloss epoxy finish designed to replace dozens of coats of varnish with a single application. Use Nu-Lustre 55 to coat tables, bar tops, floors and many other surfaces.
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  • Covers up to 1.1M (12 FT) per liter (Quart)
  • Beautiful brilliant finish
  • One coat equals up to 55 coats of varnish
  • Protects surface from water and alcohol



1. The surface to be covered must be dry and free from dust, wax, grease or oil.
2. Measure 1 part resin to 1 part hardener in separate containers.
3. Empty the contents of both containers into a third container.
4. Mix thoroughly for an additional 60 seconds and pour immediately.
5. Bubbles that rise to the surface may be broken by gently exhaling on the bubbles.
6. Cure for 24 hours at 20-25°C, humidity less than 50%.

BRAND: Circa 1850
Type: Varnishes
4.8 4

Very satisfied with finish


Placed product over a maple slab which had been finish sanded and sealed with an industrial sealer. I wanted a straight finished edge on the "live edge" so I bent metal and attached. Prior to attaching the metal I placed wax paper between the wood and metal so the product would not adhere to the metal. Majority finished well, however, I did not seal the edge adequately in a couple of places which caused leakage (self levelling product flows well (was heated as recommended). Also (again my fault) a sink was installed prior to application and a small amount of silicone leaked out which stained the wood and product would not adhere. This was written mainly as precaution to others. I feel this is a very superb product and I will definitely use again when the need arises.


Chilliwack, British Columbia CANADA


craytors and bubbles


1st time user of this product. Applied it over a 5 year dried oak which 1st we stained with min wax stain let dry for 2 weeks then applied your New Luster -55 we now have a beautiful finish but has caitors and covered in bubbles we used a torch as it dried but is now covered in spots and craytors. Can we sand it down a bit and re do it. We need help Thanks


Ontario Canada


NuLustre on hard Surfaces


I have not used it on a surface like ceramic tile. I do apply it over a hard coat of automotive urethane and it works well.




Stabilizing fragile gemstones


Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 provides a fine product to stabilize ammolite, a very flaky gemstone, the official gemstone of Alberta, so it can be cut and set without breaking or flaking. The product brings out the intense color and opalescence of this gem and also can be used with opal.


Edmonton, Alberta


Circa 1850 Nu-Lustre-55 Epoxy Coating



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