Circa 1850 Terra Nova NaturOil
Circa 1850 Circa 1850 swing paints
  • Circa 1850 Terra Nova NaturOil

Circa 1850 Terra Nova NaturOil

Circa 1850 Terra Nova NaturOil is the perfect choice for finishing wood cutting boards, butcher block, salad bowls, toys, and similar items. NaturOil is a blend of pure oils with no dyes, perfumes or additives, and is 100 percent Kosher, safe for food contact, and FDA approved.

Terra Nova products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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  • Environmentally-friendly, Non-toxic
  • FDA Approved for contact with food
  • No Dyes, Perfumes, peanut or nut oils that could cause allergic reactions
  • Penetrates into the wood and protects against drying, cracking and water damage
  • Makes scratches invisible
  • Rejuvnates old wood
  • Certified Kosher



1. Apply NaturOil to any unfinished wood surface using your hand, a cloth or a brush.
2. Allow NaturOil to soak into the wood for 15 minutes.
3. Wipe off excess.
4. Apply additional coats if wood is very dry.
5. Reapply every month, or as necessary.

BRAND: Circa 1850
Type: Oil Finish
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Brought my old cutting board back to life!!!


So easy to use; gave a beautiful result to old cuttings board that I thought I'd have to throw out!!


Vernon, B.C.


Great product


I had very dried out wood walls in my cottage bedroom ... mainly from sunshine bleaching out the natural oils in the wood over a 30 year period. The circa 1850 naturoil 8 oz. bottle worked wonders. Easy to apply, went a long ways and brought back a healthy luster to the wood. I am buying more.Joel H. (Long Point, Ontario)


Long Point, Ontario


Great product!


Prior to discovering Terra Nova NaturOil we used regular mineral oil on our butcherblock countertops. While it protected the wood, it tended to stay on the surface and bleed into anything left on the counter. NaturOil absorbs into the wood quickly and seems to bleed very little. [...]

Tom & Whitty

Shelburne Falls, MA


Hard to find product in New Brunswick


It does a great job on cutting board after several coats, it seals the wood and turns a nice golden color. Board are easy to clean after use. I coat mine now every two to three weeks as I use it often.


Bathurst, NB.


Circa 1850 Terra Nova NaturOil



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